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Martin Karadzhov is professional artist. He was born in the Bulgaria in 1974. His love for art began when Martin’s parents was given a set of paints for his 3th birthday. He mixed them, and painted on paper, walls, furniture, and the bodies of his two brothers and their friends. The grain of Art was released even then. When he become 5 years old his start to drawing and painting on asphalt. In kindergarten he received his firs prize for best asphalt drawing kid. The local newspaper writes article and published a photo of him and his chalk drawing. This definitely intrigued his parents and when Martin turned 7 years old they enrolled him in a special school for gifted and talented children. When he turns 15years old he applied and was admitted to a high school for Fine Arts. There he spent 6 years learning and study fine art -sculpture ,painting interior design, graphic design, architecture and art history. There he realizes that his desire is to be an artist. He graduated with honors and decides to apply to one of the most prestigious Art University Schools in Easter Europe- National Art Academy in Sofia. He is only 19 years old, young, energetic and with desire to develop his talent as an professional Artist. In his first year he won full scholarship and was honored as “Young Artist of the Year”.  The next few years he has won many prestigious art awards for drawing and painting. His drawings are selected and published in the ''100 years National Art Academy anniversary book'' with the best students art work. There he study 6 years- art history, sculpture,murals, oil and acrylic  painting, visual art, human anatomy and perspective. He graduated with honors from National Fine Art Academy University in 1999. with Master of Fine Art degree(MFA)

Martin moved to America in 2003 and a few years after that he open his art and mural company Luxury Murals LLC. His interest in Murals and Fine Art dates back to his student years when he first became fascinated with oil and acrylic painting and frescoes. His art works and murals are truly outstanding - an amazing combination of talent, professionalism and technique. He achieves depth and perspective by applying skillful combinations of color and linear perspective. The treatment of subject and light, precision and naturalism is really masterful. Martin pays meticulous attention to every minor detail. Proper sizing and every detail, nuance of light and gradation of color are skillfully incorporated in order to make the two-dimensional work appear to be three-dimensional combined with a modern flavor.. Under the artist’s brush the blank wall  or canvas transforms into a veritable object d’art using his imagination and fantasy. He likes to create his art work based on some surreal ideas, thus provoking the viewers of his paintings to think about that.The artist believes that the surreal and realistic ideas have to work closely in his art work from the very beginning and explore all imagination possibilities in order to achieve the best balance of aesthetics and personal style.




Fine Art High School

High School for fine Art -

Fine Art Diploma

  for art teacher


National Academy of Fine Art University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Master of Fine Arts

  and Sculptural

Awards and Honords


Pompano Beach, FL

Native Doughter: An Ester Rolle Inspired Exhibition


Sarasota, FL

3rd place winner at the Sarasota sidewalk chalk art contest


 Jerry`s Artarama Online Contest

1st place winner at the 53rd anniversary Art Challenge-2021- Jerry`s Artarama Online Contest



 Jerry`s Artarama Online Art at home Challangess

1st place winner --2 times at the Art At Home Weekly Online Challenges

2nd place winner - at the Art At Home Weekly Online Challenges

3ed  place winner - at the Art At Home Weekly Online Challenges


Charvin Paint Contest

1st place winner --The Charvin Paint "Colors of Nature"2020 Contest

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